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Re: [IP] HELP! can't figure out what's going on

hi, I really don't have any good suggestions but I can relate to your 
problem. I had some problems with my insulin pump also and got all off track 
and I have been having high bloodsugars today and yesterday. My A-13 alarm 
went off on my pump then I lost all the info. that was programmed into the 
pump and of course I didn't have my current basal dosages written down and 
cannot get in touch with my dr. I called the helpline at Minimed and I was 
told that radio frequencies interfered with my pump and that was what caused 
everything to go crazy. I  never heard of that and was wondering if you had. 
It is so hard trying to function when you have fluctuating sugars. I can 
definatly relate to you situation. I hope you get everything straightened out 
and get back on track. Take care, Heather
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