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Re: [IP] women only: days of unexplained highs

I have a separate basal for the week before my cycle and it tends to be .1 
over the regular basal but I just discovered somethign else.  I use a birth 
control pill and did notice a need for a higher basal overall when I began 
it.  Last week, I forgot to take one of the pills, so as instructed by the 
doc, I took two at the next evening since that's when I remembered.  The 
entire next day (including when i woke up) my sugars were running high.  I 
decided to wait it out since a bout halfway through the day I realized taht 
maybe it was literally each pill that has this effect on me, and therefore 
two at one time would make me need more insulin.. sure enough the next 
morning once the doble dose wore off, I was back to normal.  I don't know if 
this will be the case for others, but its worth thinking about next time you 
miss a pill of anykind and double up.

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