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[IP] women - unexplained highs

<Started as "ranting over bad sites">
I had written in on the "bad sites" thread that I had approx. 10 days
unexplained highs, etc. that my CDE and I could only attribute to some "total
hormonal disfuntion, etc".
Per the last few posts trying to relate this to "that time of the month" for
me it had no correlation whatsoever.  I do find I have higher readings approx.
3 days before and then for the first 2 to 3 days during that time.  I have an
animas pump which allows for four basal programs so I do have a different
basal program set as "Program 2" that I use during that time.  I use 9
different basal rates during the day and I have them all "bumped up" in
"Program 2" for those days.  I went a few months doing "temp basals" at
different percentages until I figured out the correct numbers to be using and
then just incorporated those numbers into a whole new basal profile.
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