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Re: [IP] women only: days of unexplained highs

I do tend to have higher blood sugars the week before my
period, but it's more complicated than that. My basal needs
seem to change almost on a weekly basis. The most frus-
trating thing is that it doesn't seem to be an even shift 
throughout the day -- I can't just adjust all of my basals
up or down to compensate.

Last week, for example, I was having late morning 
lows and was fine the rest of the day; this week, with 
the same basal settings, I've been having late-morning 
highs and late-afternoon/evening lows. I finally changed 
the basal settings, but I don't like to do this until 
I've been having the same problem for three days in a 
row. Usually I just do temporary basal rate adjustments 
and test a lot.

This probably makes it sound worse than it is. Looking
at the histogram chart of my blood sugars over the last 
two weeks (in my Palm Pilot), more than 65% of my
blood sugars are within 30 points of 100. It just takes 
a lot of work -- but is much easier with the pump than 
it ever was on shots!

/Janet Lafler
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