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Re: [IP] HELP! can't figure out what's going on

In a message dated 8/17/01 12:58:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> .  I was actually low the next morning.  then
> I got my replacement pump and hooked up again.  the rest of the day, I

could possibly be from that low early in the day!!  This happens to me all 
the time!  I stay high for at least 6 hours after it and am VERY insulin 
resistant during that time no matter how much insulin i give!
Did you bolus with a syringe?  That helps me sometimes... sometimes not.  
Also -- and I know some people don't suggest this, but I do it when I'm high 
and can't come down -- you may want to bolus some Humalog into your muscle 
BUT BE CAREFUL!  It works quickly and is potent!!  Again, I am not giving you 
medical advice and telling you to do this.. I"m just telling you what I do at 
time.  YMMV!!
Also, what part of your cycle are you in?  The week before my period I run 
HIGH!  I up my basals by 0.1 all around the clock!  
Hope things get better for you!  I totally understand the frustrations...
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