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[IP] coffee

For all the people wondering if their coffee is making their BS go up during
the morning hours, why not just go without coffee for one or two days
(obviously not two days in a row) and check your numbers real often during
that time and see if they still rise?  I know it is a pain to go without the
coffee, but would be no different than all the fasting you did to get your
basals correct.  You just do it knowing that it is only a short-term thing and
that you will be healthier in the long run by doing the testing and getting
the basals correct.  I don't drink coffee but drink a LOT of Diet Pepsi during
the morning hours (6 am to 10 am).  I found that with or without the Diet
Pepsi (which has caffeine) my BS still rose when I my basals were increased
only from 3 am to 6 am for dawn phen.  I did a lot of morning fasting,
testing, etc. and found my BS continued to rise until mid morning with or
without food and with or without caffeine.   Now my morning basals are 12
midnight - .15; 2 am - .35; 3 am - .55; 4:30 am -  60;  8 am - .25 and 10 am -
.10.  I have a very low basal rate the remainder of the day but needed the
"extra"  a long longer into the morning hours than what I had originally
started with.  With these readings my BS  stays fine all morning whether I eat
or not.  I encourage you to do the fasting and skip the caffeine a few  times
when you are having a "normal" day and see what happens!  You'll feel better
in the long run.
Good luck!
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