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[IP] Merida

Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:12:28 -0400
From: "Joni E. Spurlin, Ph.D." <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] weight

Two thoughts on this subject - my doctor said I gained weight on 
the pump,
because now I was efficiently using the food, instead of "peeing' it 
so eating the same amount before and after the pump - caused me 
to gain 
weight using the pump - so of course, I should cut down on amount 
I eat

second - he is now considering putting me on "merida" - diet pills - 
anyone take these?  I have gained 40 pounds since being on the 
pump 1.5 
years  (type II)  this is unusual - so don't get worried for yourself 
my BG is very good control for first time in 10 years!)

Hi Joni, 
I have exactly the same problem.   My doc said it was standard for 
pump users to gain 10-20 pounds with good control.   Only I was 
20 pounds overweight when I started.  Now 40 pounds over.  And 
they are on with superglue!   I am having a really hard time getting 
them off.  Trying to do the low carb thing - as a carb addict - I am 
really struggling and as a sort of "vegetarian" I don't do meat very 

Have started new exercise regime and that may make the 
difference.  My doc prescribed Xenical....I have been on it a year 
and I haven't gained, but also haven't lost.  I don't have much fat in 
my foods.  I believe Carbs are the "enemy".   It is lifelong struggle. 
Bonnie Richardson
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