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[IP] diabeticsand all their probs..any words of wisdom

 I leave for college Monday. I'm excited about it but
also right now I'm freaked out because of some medical
stuff that's been going on.I'm hoping that my gut
instinct is wrong but I feel like something is really
 Yesterday I got an answer to 9 months of extreme
abdominal pain..duodenal ulcers and erosions most
likely caused by the h. pylori bacteria. I have 10
(teN) pills to take a day for that. And my throat is
still bugging me from the endoscope going down it. I'm
also on synthroid for hypothyroidism, zestril for
borderline highbp, and birth control for
endometriosis/femaleprobs. I know there's a bunch of
folks on here who take a lo t more than 12 pills  a
day so I'm looking for some support. RIght now it's a
little overwhelming b/c my stomach is killing me and I
know the ulcers won't heal for at least 3 weeks...till
the antibiotics work. Which is a concern b/c for the
next 2 weeks I'm on 3000mg of antibiotics a day..which
means geez, i was warned..watch out for other
infections, particularly yeast infections.. Anyhow
with all this arising I'm down. I leave for colleg e
Monday and I never got a "peaceful" summer nor will
Iget the opportunity to be the least like normal. It's
going to suck having to take pills with each meal in
the cafeteria. Let alone diabetes, right now that
seems like such an easy problem despite how many
serious problems I've had with it. At least I have my
pump and know all it is is diabetes.
 Anyhow if anyone has any good support. I relaly don't
want to hear how things can be worse. I know that, but
I'm also at the point that I'm thinking why me. The
only possibility is maybe I'm growing backwards..hving
all my medical probs when I'm youngrather than old.
How many 18 yr olds hav ea list of specialists, let
alone ulcers, and take a ton of pills a day?/ I
figured some other people with diabetes would
understand. Please email any replies privately.

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