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[IP] re:gastroparesis

Unless you  have had it, no one understands how miserable it can make your 
I have had it for years and went the routes you have. They took propulsid 
off the market and I had an allergist reaction to reglan.
To make a long story short I went to a therapeutic massage session for many 
things, but did not mention my gasto. I have had fantastic results since 
the treatments. I don't know if it increased blood flow to the stomach or 
it somehow stimulates the stomach. What ever it is well worth it. I have 
not had the swelling or nausea since I have started. I found before I had a 
great deal of swelling around my stomach. I do know the therapist has been 
able to help me get rid of all my excess fluid.
To me it is worth it  even if insurance does not cover, and some do.
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