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RE: [IP] gastroproesis

Hi Cherry:
If you have such a long distance to drive to shop for groceries and produce
and fruit are expensive (and don't I know it, they are everywhere), I like
to buy the Dole fruit cups.  I stock up on them when they are on sale and
when I just have to eat something, that little cup only contains 17-19 gr.
carbs and gives me my "fresh fruit".  they come in a variety of fruit mixes.

Matzoh is unlevened bread that the Jewish people eat at Passover.  They come
in all flavors, salted, unsalted, with egg, without egg, with garlic, veggie
flavors, whole wheat, etc.  A box of them usually costs around $2.50-$3.00
but they last a long time.  A whole wheat matzoh is 22 grms and 4 grms fiber
so you get to deduct the fiber from the carbs...

Sounds like you're really in the boonies.  I thought it was bad for me that
I have to drive 15 minutes to go grocery shopping or to get to any stores!

How about getting a freezer and drive further to a larger, more accomodating
store, bringing a cooler with you and stock up on food and meat and then you
can freeze it and eat as you want.

Also, another thing I like to eat are Healthy Choice dinners and watch when
they go on sale.  They are the lowest in sodium and fats and they have so
many to choose from.

Hope this helps.
Kathy b.
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