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[IP] Gastroparesis Diet for Delayed Stomach Emptying

You write:
I have a question for those who suffer from gastroproesis... Besides
medication (i.e. reglan...propulsid...etc.) and eating smaller more frequent
meals...what can I do to combat the feelings of nausea, feeling full, and
feeling of having a lead ball in my stomach?

I used the diet given at  the enclosed link as a model when my endo could
not give me any meds
for my gastro due to other issues. I can eat pretty well now.   I can't eat
fat at all except for a small amount of olive oil, some 2% milk and high
fiber foods  are totally out.  They just sit on my stomach and I eventually
vomit.  Not fun.

I hate cooking when I'm nausous so I use shortcuts such as frozen
vegetables, jars of baby fruit and vegetables which I use with fortified
skim milk to make soups etc.   I  use fat free cheese to make grilled cheese
sandwiches,  angel food cake, frozen strawberries and frozen fat free
yoghurt to make strawberry shortcake.  I use pita bread which has no fat  as
a base to make a pizza of sorts.  I spread tomato sauce  on the pita, add
shredded   fat free mozarella and bake till bubbly.

I don't like meat much anymore except for turkey burgers, (easy to make) and
turkey breast which I cook in my crock pot till tender.  Just dump the
breast into the pot, cover and cook all day.  Nothing else needed.  It
tastes great!

I can eat eggs and fortify them by adding an extra egg white to my omelets.
No need to become malnourished.

If you want any more easy on your stomach recipes, or hints on how to stock
up on the foods you need when the fresh stuff is not available, just write.
Years ago, I experimented with "what if scenarios" and figured out how to
eat cheaply and well using just a few basic ingredients.  The gastroparesis
issue was just another factor and I am still experimenting with that.

Denise Guein
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 3 years


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