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RE: [IP] ranting over bad sites

Hey guys:
Sounds more like hormone problem than anything else as far as high b.g.'s

Wonder if you are still menstruating and if so, then log your b.g. and go
back and check them month by month.  You will definitely note a higher b.g.
during ovulation times and during pre period and post period....

If you are premenopausal, then it's a hard call to make as to when this is
going to happen but happen it will....for now, i just go with the flow.  If
I know my set is ok, insulin ok, then I just keep dosing out, except mine
never went as high as 400's...more like in 300's and I've always managed to
get it down...I just increase my insulin to carb ratio and bolus for high's
when I eat...

If they are over 300, then I make sure I bolus right then and there, but
with me, I have a problem in that insulin stays in my body longer than usual
so I have to watch how much I've already bolused otherwise I crash.


Well, no one ever said being a woman was easy....

Hang in there and go with the flow and just try to see where your b.g. are
at different times of the month.
Kathy B.
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