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I<<  If anyone has this diagnosis of PDR I'd appreciate you sharing with me 
 > your surgery went, how much of your vision was lost and your age when the 
 > surgery was performed.  If you would also tell me about your prognosis, 
 > be so grateful.   >>

I, too have had the surgery. Lots of it as a matter of fact. I was diagnosed 
diabetic in 1964 at the age of 5. At the age of 30 I began having problems 
with retinapothy. I underwent three or four "treatments" on each eye.  Each 
one was upwards of 1200 hits each time. THere was discomfort, but all worth 
it for the simple reason I still have 20/20 vision with my glasses. That is 
not always possible even with glasses. I also am a patient of Dr. Jefferey 
Parker in the Las Vegas area. He is not only a wonderful doctor that is proud 
of his work, but he lets the patients know how grateful he is that they do 
their job and that makes his easier. Over the years I have spent hours 
sitting in his office overhearing him tell patients you have to do this and 
have to do that to keep your diabetes in control. You will lose your eyesight 
if you continue to do what you are doing. He has told me that he has patients 
that "just do not get it".
 I am one that can acutally get by with a visit every 12-15 months because I 
have never had a reoccurence since the time of the original surgery in 1988!!
Good luck to you and do not worry.

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