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Re: [IP] gastroproesis

  Original message from Kathy Bruckmeyer, Thursday August 16...

  <<Can you try for something lighter, such as low fat yogart?  It isn't as
  filling, is light and has lots of good nutrients in it.>>
  >>How do you fare with fruit?  I know I like to just nibble on blueberries
  strawberries or grapes when I don't feel like eating...or sip some fruit
      I can usually handle yogurt and fresh fruits and vegies and fuit juices
all right. The problem is the expense. (Fresh fruits and veggies are very
expensive where I am at.) I live in Eastern Utah, 2 hours away from Salt Lake
City. So the produce that we get out here is usually not that fresh, most of
the time it looks absolutely horrible and it is very expensive. I do eat a lot
of baby carrots with Fat Free Ranch salad dressing. I usually don't eat like
what I put in earlier. That was just what I happened to eat that day. We
haven't gone to the grocery store for quite a while, so we are pretty much out
of everything.
      Because gas is so expensive right now (Even though the price has
dropped!) we try not to go anywhere, and the closest decent grocery store is
an hour away. We have one just 30 min. from us, but their meat is almost
always just on the verge of turning, their produce is terrible (If they even
have any that day) and I just learned that they turn their freezers off at
night! So we try not to buy any perishables from them. Thank you so much for
the suggestions though. I will definately try to do some of that.
  By the way... What are matzohs?  :+)
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