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RE: [IP] gastroproesis

I don't suffer from gastr. but there are lots of times I'm not hungry and
don't want to eat and from what you've stated that you ate...not good
things....cheese contains fat which would lay in your stomach as well as the
ice cream.

Can you try for something lighter, such as low fat yogart?  It isn't as
filling, is light and has lots of good nutrients in it.

How do you fare with fruit?  I know I like to just nibble on blueberries or
strawberries or grapes when I don't feel like eating...or sip some fruit

Another thing I like to eat are matzohs...I bought the whole grain type
which has more fiber in it and I spread mustard on it.  I used to put some
low fat marg. on it but found the mustard much tastier...no fat, no extra
carbs (if you put jelly on it)...

There are lots of foods that you can eat which will not fill you up quickly
and another suggestion is to eat very small amounts but much more frequent
rather than a whole breakfast, try something very light and two hours later,
another light food, doing this throughout the day.

Perhaps that would help.
Kathy B.
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