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[IP] gastroproesis

    I have a question for those who suffer from gastroproesis... Besides
medication (i.e. reglan...propulsid...etc.) and eating smaller more frequent
meals...what can I do to combat the feelings of nausea, feeling full, and the
feeling of having a lead ball in my stomach? I was diagnosed with it about 2
years ago, but it has gotten progressively worse. I went in for the EGD to see
how my esophagus was looking (That is a complete different subject) and it
showed that my stomach was about 3/4 full. All I had to eat the day before was
2 toasted cheese sandwiches in the early afternoon, 1 dinner roll at dinner,
and a small bowl of ice cream at bedtime. Horrible eatings that day. I just
couldn't sum up any enthusiasm to eat anything, and I was extremely nauseated.
And since I didn't eat anything for breakfast, and only had a roll for dinner,
I promised my family I would eat something before I went to bed.
    Anyway...to make a long story short... is there any advice anybody can
offer up as to what alternatives I have towards the gastroproesis? I would
appreciate any help.

dxed 5/1990, pumper 10/1994
email @ redacted

P.S. is there anyone on the list who is from Utah? Anybody can feel free to
contact me personally. I am always ready to lend an ear and be a friend! :+)
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