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[IP] ranting over bad sites

Sherry:  I had a similar thing about six weeks ago - only mine lasted about
ten days - I had good numbers before - very consistent daily readings - last
A1C was 6.1 - but for ten days almost all my numbers were 250 to 350 (along
with a daily MAJOR dip to 30's and 40's in short periods of time).   I tried
eliminating everything to find the cause - new insulin, using shots vs pump to
make sure it wasn't a pump problem, one day changed set 3 times, etc.  During
those ten days mind you I also seemed to cry about 5 times a day for absolutey
no reason!  I am 42 years old - this had never happened to me before.  I
thought I was cracking up!  (along with my family really wondering if I was
losing it!!!)  I am a very strong independent person and one day at work (I
work in a law office) I think I cried almost everytime someone said "please do
this right now!" which is just a normal daily occurence in my office and
usually doesn't stress me at all.  I am usually very easy going.  Well, at the
end of about ten days everything just kind of evened itself out again and I
have been fine since then.  No sickness, etc. during that time either.  All my
CDE can attribute it to is "major hormonal out of whack disfunction"!  I  hope
your bad readings don't last ten days like mine - but just to give you
encouragement I am now back to "normal" (LOL - whatever "normal" is).
Good luck with your readings tonight - I hope they stay okay so you can get
some sleep.  Maybe from being pregnant you are having some sort of "hormonal"
problem for the BS and not the sites?
It WILL get better!  Try to stay positive!

<Last night I changed my site around dinner time.  A few hours later I tested
and was a little high, but thought it was just
because I had seeped out some insulin with the old site.  So I just bolused a
few units.  Later in the night I was STILL high.  I
took an injections and changed my site again.  Now it was late so I just went
to bed  ( I know, I know, you aren't supposed to do
that.)  When I woke up later with the baby, I was almost 400!!  By now I was
really frustrated.  I changed it AGAIN.
And took an injection.   This third change has now gone bad.  I am 300-400 all
morning.  I've decided to just skip the hassle of
changing it again and take shots all day at work.  My control may not be great
but I just don't want to mess with this again.

Why does this happen sometimes?   And two of the sets I used were from
different boxes.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY>
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