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Re: [IP] PDR

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<< laser. I am 50 and had DM for 45 yrs, but I am legally blind. I was at the 
 stage you were when I my opthamologist dxed PRD. He was a retinal 
 specialist also, but he "fried my eyes". I have long since found a 
 wonderful specialist, that has saved the vision I have for the last eight 
 years. I did not know anything wrong had been done to me, I just could not 
 see. A good friend wanted me to see her specialist feeling he could help 
 me. Well, since seeing her specialist and two other doctors he has sent me 
 to, I have been told the same statement about the frying before I even have 
 time to say anything to them.
 So check with others who have been treated by you Doctor, even ask of if 
 they could have some of their laser patients to call you. If you cannot 
 find out about his success or failure stories, find someone you can.
 Gail >>
All of the posts I have read on PDR are good information. I would also add if 
you are new to the pump they tell you PDR will some times start after you get 
on the pump. When they do a burn they can turn the power from 1-10. The 
higher the number the more tissue they burn out. There are few nerves in the 
eye so most people only have a large head ache after the laser. As you have 
been told the Joslin in Boston or any Joslin will have specialist's in PDR. 
It is important to trust the DR who does the laser. I have only been pumping 
15 months and did not get a change in my eyes. It may be a large change in 
A1c's. I have been 6.0 to 6.2 for the last year and was high 7's pre pump. I 
have a brother who went blind from PDR in 1957 and I have so far gone 53 2/3 
years so do not think you are going blind!  Roger C (dx12/1/47 pm 5/7/00 
still towing the hockey puck)
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