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[IP] Ranting over bad sites

In answer to some of the questions I got about my post--the bottle of insulin is fine because I did eventually get myself down to the
90's.  I use the Sof-Set QR's as I have for the last year.  I am afraid of sils because I was never able to give myself shots in the
stomach.  I need the inserter.
I was using the rumpy sites this time, but usually they work better for me than the stomach.  Plus the stomach sites are giving me
trouble lately because of the heat and bending and stooping make the tape peel.
I've tried to find mastisol and stuff like you guys talk about.  No one locally sells it and I just can't afford to order it right
now.  I am just about broke with all the medical charges related to having the baby that insurance didn't cover.
With all the money this is costing to buy supplies, I'm just about ready to say "Forget it!!" and go back to shots.   God, it's
expensive to keep messing with this and having sites go bad early.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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