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Re: [IP] Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

>If anyone has this diagnosis of PDR I'd appreciate you sharing with me how
>your surgery went, how much of your vision was lost and your age when the
>surgery was performed.  If you would also tell me about your prognosis, I'd
>be so grateful.

Not to worry.  Most have retinopathy to some extent by the time the 
duration is in the decades for D.  Now a days, the first 20 or so 
years of PDR is seldom a threat to vision *if treated promptly and 
correctly* by a good opthamologist experienced in diabetic 
retinopathy.  Many on this list, like me, get lazer a few times a 
year and have had no serious side-effects.  some do experience some 
side-effects but more often than not there is little deterioration in 
vision over the years of lazer.  Many expereince a slow deterioration 
over years of lazer in the acuteness of sight.  IME:  After 9 years 
of lazer I still have 20/20 per the charts tests but vision is 
definitely not as sharp as it was once was due to the lazer and 
retinopathy.  Have trouble reading the fast food menus ya know......
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