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Re: [IP] that morning coffee will do it..

>but i didn't realize that the litlle bit of 1% milk in each cup of 
>coffee add up to some big numbers. Just thought I would share, just 
>because my sugars are down obviously my brain hasn't started to 
>function yet!!  :~)

Amazing, eh?

Many report that coffee has no effect on their bg's.  Many report 
that caffeine causes the bg's to go up and must bolus for such, often 
to a great extent.  Many, like me, find that the caffeine has no 
effect but the bit of skim or 1% milk in the coffee does.  In my case 
I bolus .5 u for every two cups of coffee with skim milk.

YMMV but as always it seems once again that *everything* affects the 
bg's.  It is interesting for me to note that the effect of coffee was 
not measurable on MDI but pump control is so much more precise that 
smaller things can be measured and accounted for!  Yeah!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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