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[IP] too much weight

David, based on your numbers, you don't sound too much overweight. 
You say you are so desperate you cut to 50 g carb in the evening. 
That is not so desperately small.  I normally eat about 75 g carb in 
evening.  The bigger question is what is the total amount of carb per 
day.  Figure out what your total is per day and cut back by say 25%. 
Then the secret is to just be patient.  That is the hardest part. 
Don't weigh yourself every day--maybe twice a week.  In a month you 
should be a few pounds lighter.  And by then you might not even miss 
those extra 25%.   Water may help you feel full, but it won't do much 
to actually decrease the size of your fat cells, which is the goal. 
The more water you drink the more you will pee, but not much effect 
on cellular metabolism.  Good luck.

<<<<<I am having a great deal of difficulty to lose weight. 
Currently, my basal is
.8/hr (except .9 from 3 am-6am) for a total of  19.5. my ratio of insulin/carb
is 12 :1 and to bring it down, about 1 unit brings it down 35 points. I have
become so desparate, that I am trying to consume less than 50 carbs in evening,
with the hope, that reducing my insulin, an hopefully weight. I have heard that
if you drink a lot of water, that could help, - don't drink as much 
as I should,
any ideas?
David R>>>>>>
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