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[IP] 504 plans


I guess someone had to bring this up again. Kevin is going into 7th grade 
this year and after the big problem we had with the National Math exam last 
year...we want a 504 plan or something in place that will allow him to take 
a test later if needed. For those who dont remember my big complaint last 
year...long story short...he was LOW on the day he was to take the last of 6 
Math Olympiad tests. He was in 1st place going into it.(for the 2nd year) He 
went low, teacher said he could take it home under our supervision but then 
took it back AFTER he turned it in. National rules say it has to be done 
together. So...he lost the national award...they gave him a local one...but 
it doesnt mean the same to HIM! I'm afraid with the classes he is taking 
(9th grade Math and Honors English and Latin) that they will not give him 
special priveledges.

My question is, is this something we have to come up with ourselves? Or is 
there something "out there" that we can just change to fit our needs?

Sorry if this is redundant, with so much going on, I probably got the answer 
to this months ago...and just set is aside to do later.

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99

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