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re: [IP] too much weight

David, your insulin regimen sounds exactly like mine.  And I too have been
trying to lose weight.  I have been trying to reduce my insulin amounts and
to consume more water.  I have been keeping my basals very tight.  And have
found that my hunger is controlled by this.  If I'm close to 200 I'm hungry
and if I'm low I'm hungry.  I'm managing to maintain at about 100-120 most
of the time.  As for the water.....I live in San Antonio which has about the
worst tasting water in the country.  I make Gatorade and double the amount
of water.  That way killing the taste of the water and not causing too much
upset in my BG when I drink it.  so far I have lost about 5lbs in a month
with out having to exercise anymore than a rigorous day with three kids
requires.   It does get frustrating trying to keep on top of my insulin
intake but I have also gone from 45units total a day to 30 units.

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