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RE: [IP] Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Hi Donna:
Well, sorry to hear about prolif. retin...

I was diagnosed with it around age 30...and I've been diab. now for 35

My problem was the original eye specialist I was seeing poohed poohed my
telling him that I was having vision problems and even after I kept telling
him that my regular MD saw retinopathy w/o dilating my eyes...

Well, in the summer of July 1990, I had an eye injury which prompted me to
go to the e.r. and then to the eye specialist on call.  I had developed a
hematoma in my r. eye and had to stay in bed for 5 days so the blood could
receed back into the eye.  She was an excellent dr. but she was one for
pediatrics and when I told her about my vision problems she referred me to
another dr. in that office who specialized in diabetic retinopathy.

He did a fluroseen and a few weeks later did another one and said that my
eyes were getting progressively worse so it was off to laser for
me...originally 13 shots of laser and I started the next day.

13 shots went into 37 over a period of 3 years in both eyes...the blood
vessels kept on growing and in between I had hemorraging (mostly from the
laser knocking off smaller blood vessels)....

I am definitely not saying that this happens to everyone because my brother
only had 7 laser treatments and he's been fine ever since.

It was a fluke for me and I truly believe that if my original doctor had
taken some action when it was first noticed that I would have been fine.

It took 3 years of treatment and I lost all of my perepheal vision, night
vision, depth perception, color perception...all I'm left with is tunnel

I am so very grateful that there is such a thing as laser because if there
wasn't I would be totally blind right now.  I can still drive and read and
get around and have learned to deal with my disability (like walking into
things, not being able to drive at night or go out at night, etc. etc.)

I don't feel sorry for myself at all...I am happy that I still have my
vision and after those three years, I have not had any problems with my eyes
at all...

So please don't be worried or scared about having the laser treatments.  The
main thing is that you trust your doctor, remember to stare exactly where
your doctor tells you to and rest your eyes after you come home...lots of
times I would go home and rest and wake up to have some bleeding...which was
a result of the laser...nothing else and the blood would always recede back
into the eye.

My family and I went through a horrible three year period never knowing if I
would be totally blind or not and I'm not and am doing just fine now...I too
was frightened of becoming totally blind but I put my faith and trust in God
and prayed for my doctor each time I went to his office and God did not fail

You will do just fine as it sounds like your doctor  is taking action right
away which is what is needed before it gets worse.

Good luck and let me know how you do...you can e mail me directly at
email @ redacted

Kathy b.
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