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RE: [IP] Question About Eating Before Basal Testing (Nights)

Most probably you have pre dawn syndrome....

You start by checking your b.g. at bedtime as long as it is within the safe
range and not too high..don't eat anything at bedtime and don't bolus...

Set your alarm at 2-3 AM and check by b.g. and then fbg when you wake
up....you will get a picture to see (most probably) that your b.g. is
starting to rise after the 3 AM test...

Start w/setting your basal rate from 3 AM to 6-7 AM at a slightly higher
rate than your bedtime rate....and check again next night and fbs and the
one after that...if it is still going up, you either need a higher basal
rate or extend the time (ie mine is still going up by 8 AM so I am extending
it to 9AM)

If you having Pumping Insulin book it will explain all of this to you and
tell you how to check it..
Kathy B.
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