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RE: [IP] Re: Losing weight

I've found that when I am not hungry and can't get anything down, I bought
small little cans of nectar juice which contain around 24 gr. carb....and I
just sip at that to get my nutrients....some days that doesn't even want to
go down but we have to have something.

As far as little snacks go, you can get some crackers low fat/high fiber and
keep them around or the peanut butter/cracker combos...and just nibble on

I also like to get the fruit cups like dole only 19 gr. carbs in them and
you can eat a few pieces at a time...

I don't like to eat big meals and eat very small amounts and sometimes if
I'm a little hungry in between I will eat pretzels (I measure out the
serving size and put them in a zip lock baggie and write down the amt of
carbs and what I need to bolus for it)..this way when I'm out driving I
don't have to sit there and figure out all the math, it's right there...

I do this also with my cereal and other things that I can nibble at a little
at a time.....just a suggestion.
Kathy B.
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