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RE: [IP] re: losing weight -- Sherry

I kept on my extra weight after I had my daughter for 20 years!

No matter what I did I couldn't lose the weight.

Well, when I moved to Fl., I started dropping too much weight like 9 lbs a
week and that wasn't good...went to dr. and he said I was suffering from
stress because of the move...????

I managed to gain back the weight and then when I went on low fat, low
protein diet, I shed the lbs. and have kept this same weight for 3 years
now...fluctuate 3-4 lbs. up or down but stay in the same area....

Watch the fats...very important...

and yes, I crave my sweets as well...lots of time use s.f. candies but when
I REALLY crave something chocolately and gooie, I go for it...it's not often
but, hey...we are humans after all even though we are diab..why should we
deprive ourselves?  As long as we don't make it a habbit, once in a while is

Kathy B.
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