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[IP] pumping and so far loving it...

Well, this isn't only a small mail to say that I love my pump so far, but
also to simply ask a question. I have recently been put on the pump and I am
going to my first site change appointment. I would really like to know
something from others if they could give me input on something....
I went to the doctor and I told him that I have had a problem with the site.
It doesn't hurt...but it has a funny sensation...and sometimes itches...I
know I am not allergic to IV3000, but I don't know what to do about the
wings...or even if I am allergic to that. Is it okay to ice the place where
the infusion set is in? Will that effect the insulin?

p.s. I am sorry about the reply that I said to 'President's Decision'. I
must have missed the post saying we weren't supposed to talk about the
President's Decision in here. I will try to scan more carefully next time..

Also, thanks for sharing all of your wonderful things with me as I am
starting to learn about what I have in for me for a while...
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