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Re: [IP] training preschool staff


  RE:  Daughter's pre-school...there is a new booklet"Easy As ABC, What you 
need to know about children using insulin pumps in school."  Disetronics sent 
this out to all parents of kids pumping last year FREE.  It was written by 
Tappen, Parker and Bailey, not associated with Dis but apparently the project 
was sponsored by them because they have their name, very small, on the back 
cover corner.  I don't know if it was added after the fact.  Anyway, you can 
call them to get copies for yourself and the school.

  But as far as having the staff check her site and do the boluses, unless 
the person is an RN, or CDE or if the school is private and you can get 
around the standard rules, you probably won't be able to count on them being 
responsible for her D. care in the school.  When my Josh was dxd he was in a 
private pre-school/kindergarten and if anything needed to be done I had to be 
available.  I lucked out because the K. teacher's hubby had just been dxd T2 
3 months prior to Josh's dx so she knew what to look for.  But Josh, at age 
5.5 had to be able to do his own BG checks and if he needed insulin (not on 
pump at this time) I had to be available to go to the school.  Same thing in 
public grade school.  Josh is about to enter 4th grade now and the pump 
eliminates the need for injections but of anything happens to his pump/set I 
get called and I have to go to take care of whatever needs to be done.

  About IP Preps, these actually leave a sticky residue which helps the site 
stick better to the skin.  I recently tested to see if there was much of a 
difference with Josh and just used plain alcohol a couple of times...site 
didn't last 2 days both times.

Just a heads up for you.  I don't know your exact situation but that is how 
it is for most people that I've heard from.  Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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