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[IP] Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Hello Fellow Pumpers!

I had my quarterly eye exam today and after being diabetic for nearly 22 
years, I am showing new vessel growth in my right retina, called 
Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR).  About a year and a half ago I was 
treated, by laser for Macular Edema in the same eye.

He told me that PDR is also treated by laser, but involves many more 'hits' 
with the laser beam.  He said most of his patients complain of some loss of 
their peripheral vision and some patients say they don't notice a vision loss 
at all.

I am 39 years old, happily married and  have a beautiful 10 year old daughter 
and I am so frightened of losing my vision.  The doctor said that after being 
diabetic for so long, that the eyes eventually succumb in one way or another 
to diabetes.  

If anyone has this diagnosis of PDR I'd appreciate you sharing with me how 
your surgery went, how much of your vision was lost and your age when the 
surgery was performed.  If you would also tell me about your prognosis, I'd 
be so grateful.  

I don't mean to be feeling sorry for myself, but I think that my feelings of 
loss are probably common and one of the first steps to go through when 

Thank you.

Tulsa  OK  MM pumper since 11/2000
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