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Re: [IP] set changes

Janet <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Is it known whether the time it takes a site to poop 
> out relates to how much insulin a person uses? 

As you can see, this, as much as anything, seems to be a YMMV thing.  Three days is a good target, but some get more and some get less.  

It is not, however, based on the amount of insulin.  It's a matter of how quickly the skin at the puncture wound will begin to form scar tissue.  When scar tissue begins to form, the skin pulls away from the cannula, allowing insulin to leak past the cannula, and, as a result, BG goes up (not as much is being absorbed).  

*IN GENERAL* skin is more tolerant to Teflon cannulas than to stainless steel, so the soft cannulas can, on average, be worn longer than bent needles (2 days as a rule).

If your skin takes longer to start developing scar tissue, you can leave the cannula in longer.  Three days is just about right for me.

Jim Handsfield
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