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Re: [IP] hospital stay/c-section

You might consider lowering your basal even more after the delivery.  I've 
never had a c-section, but after my last daughter I turned the basals off 
for the first couple of days after delivery. Bear in mind that this was 
after labor and I was nursing, but I suspect your basal rates after the 
c-section could be pretty low, too.

Even if you stick with your current plan, be ready to lower the basals 
aggressively if necessary.  Better high than low when you have a baby (not 
to mention your post-operative self) to take care of.

Best of luck and enjoy the little one!


At 07:13 AM 8/15/01 -0700, you wrote:
 >I will be in the hospital next week for a scheduled c-section.  Can you
 >all offer hints/tips for either diabetes control or pump advice during
 >this time?  We've already decided with our endo and ob to reduce my basals
 >by 1/2 after the delivery.  My husband is going to carry a little
 >fanny-pack with all my supplies (pump and meter) in it so that doesn't get
 >lost in the shuffle.  Any other thoughts?
 >Julie S.
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