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[IP] that morning coffee will do it..

I have only been pumping now for a month and have only had on little problem and that is a high bg an hour or so after I get up in the morning. I would get up tes my sugar and have a good reading of around 100. Then after my 'required' 3 cups of coffee I would test again. 262!!!!!! What the heck! It made no sense!!!! That is till one day I was complainning about it in the kitchen to my as I was getting another cup of go juice. She just gave me a look like I was kidding, how could I be so stupid. Then I realized why when I noticed the milk carton in my hand DUH!!!! I know we as diabetics have to watch and count it all but i didn't realize that the litlle bit of 1% milk in each cup of coffee add up to some big numbers. Just thought I would share, just because my sugars are down obviously my brain hasn't started to function yet!!  :~)

Dave Bellman MM508 (Rex)

Pumping since 7/17/01  Akron, OH

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