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Re: [IP] set changes

Patrick Jobe writes:
>I use about 50u Humalog/day and I've tried to 
>make the switch three different times. Each time 
>I continued on an every third day schedule for 
>three sets and each time I would have significantly 
>higher BGs during the third night. 

Is it known whether the time it takes a site to poop 
out relates to how much insulin a person uses? I use 
about 26 units a day (plus or minus 5, depending on 
what I'm eating). I typically change sites twice a 
week, and I generally don't have problems with a site 
unless I let it go past four days (which I've been 
lazy enough to do a few times.)

I ask because I'm trying to get pregnant and am 
wondering whether in the later stages, when I'm
using a lot of insulin, I'll have to be changing 
sites more often.

/Janet Lafler
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