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[IP] training preschool staff

our 3 1/2 yr old daughter will (hopefully) be starting preschool in a few
weeks, and i am supposed to meet with the head of the early childhood program
and the teacher next week.she started pumping 2 weeks ago.

we have info on diabetes for school staff, but i havent come across much
specific to pumping. does anyone know of anything, preferably online, that
would be good to show them?

i'm a bit nervous about the whole thing. on the one hand, i want to impress
upon them the seriousness of diabetes, on the other hand i dont want to scare
them off. without injections, in a way, it is a bit easier because she doesnt
-have- to eat, but they would have to learn how to bolus, check the set (it
fell out tonight. luckily, she told us, but if not, it would have taken us
another hour or so to notice. ) etc.

any ideas on how to approach this would be much appreciated

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