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Re: [IP] Insurance companies...love to hate them!


My heart goes out to you.  I can't say on this list what I think of 
insurance companies and medicaid and bottom line anyone who has a say in 
what we can and can't take for  our health.  I would probably get kicked 
off the list for it would be full of four letter words and then some I've 
made up just for them.  How dare some stupid idiotic 18 year old tell you 
how much you can take of a med.  ARG!

  I have severe acid reflux, and abnormal esophagus
>opening (In fact I am going in this morning to have the tube rammed down my
>throat again just so the insurance company can see what it looks like!) I also
>have Gastritis, Gasteoporisis, and IBS (Talk about a heck of a digestive

I can relate.  I have Gastroproesis and GERD too.  I am seeing a GI doctor 
in a few weeks.  I need to try to get more propulsid for my stock is 
beginning to run low.  Anyway, this doctor is doing a "new" procedure for 
people with GERD and digestive problems.  If I pass the requirements to get 
the procedure done, I probably will.  I wish I could remember the name of 
it.  <sigh>  I spoke with a friend of mine a few weeks ago that had it 
done.  It doesn't sound like fun at all.  Although she has no regrets 
because she now feels a million times better.  She also got to lose some 

I know that just having me say I can relate doesn't really help you out 
much, please know that myself and I am sure many others on this list 
empathize with your situation.

Take Care,
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