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[IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder or TOS?

> About five years ago I was diagnosed as having Thoracic Outlet Syndrome by 
> my doc.  When I was sent for PT, the therapise said she didn't think it was 
> TOS, but didn't know what it was.
> Are the syptoms of TOS and frozen shoulder similar?
> Jenn

I found this on google;

What is the Thoracic Outlet?
The Thoracic Outlet is a space between the
rib cage (thorax), and the collar bone (clavicle)
through which
the main blood vessels and nerves pass from the neck
and thorax
into the arm. The nerves and blood vessels leave the
neck between
the two muscles (scalene muscles).

What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?
Thoracic outlet syndrome is a combination
of pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, or coldness
in the upper
extremity caused by pressure on the nerves and/or
blood vessels
in the thoracic outlet.

When I believe that I had frozen shoulder, I was
told that it was rotator cuff, like baseball
pitchers.  I was using too high of a weight on my
shoulder exercises.  The symptoms are very similar. 
I don't think TOS sounds like my understanding of
frozen shoulder, or what I had.  I do think that a
lot of things like this are more likely for dm'ers
and frozen should could cover a multitude of
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