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[IP] weight

   Bill, I have sent you directly a PDF file with some data I 
collected a few months ago from pumper (I'd be happy to send it to 
anyone else-email me privately).  This correlation shows that there 
is a nice correlation of basal rate with body weight and with bolus 
ratio with body weight.  Your data seems to fit right on both curves. 
The only effective way I have found to lose weight is to to take less 
insulin and the only way to do this is to cut back on carbs.   I 
don't think there is any evidence that this is easier or harder on H 
compared to any other insulin.  This method also seems to work for 
several others.
   Since you've been diabetic for so long, I'm assuming that you're 
not a kid anymore, and such, it is quite likely that your body 
metabolism is steadily slowing down.   I bet you need about half as 
many carbs as you are eating.   I've been diabetic for 43 years and 
know that these days I eat about half of what I did 20 years ago. 
Since we weren't really supposed to live so long to experience all 
the normal body changes associated with aging, there's little in the 
textbooks describing old Type I's.   They called us juvenile 
diabetics because  we use to die before well before we got old. 
Actually they still call me juvenile, so I'm not sure if that's the 
only reason :-)   But I think you are just going to have to face 
these facts if you want to lose weight and take less insulin, you 
will have to eat fewer carbs.

<<<<<<	I too am having trouble losing weight.  I asked my CDE about 
it and she told
me that Humalog has a tendency to make it difficult to lose weight, 
especially if
you are taking a lot of it as I am.  When I really cut back on carbs 
and calories
and exercise aggressively, my daily Humalog intake is around 70 
units.  When I eat in
moderation but don't exercise I am in the mid 80s and when I go out 
to eat or fill up
at home I am at or just over 100 units.
	My carb to insulin ratio is typically 10 to 1 and 1 unit of
insulin will bring my blood sugars down 20 mg/Dl.  My basil
rate consumes around 38 units / day.  I am 6'4" tall and weigh 240 lbs.
This makes my insulin to weight ratio  .161 units / kg  (85 units / 
(2.2 kg/lbs *240
lbs).   From what I have gathered in reading other posts it sounds 
like many others
have insulin demands that are much less, but I am not sure how much 
body size and
weight effects insulin demand.  I share my info to see if:
1.  There are others who take as much insulin as I do?
2.  Do they have trouble taking weight off?
I would appreciate any comments or feedback.
Bill - MM508 for 1 1/2 years, Type1 for 35 years, last A1c @ 6.1 ; )>>>>>>>>>
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