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[IP] Diets

I would like to ask a question from our fellow pumpers,
Did any of you try the diet called "Carb addicts" (I am really good in
reading books on diets, but not in following them :-)), the reason I'm
asking, one of the boys on the pump in our group. age 14, went on that diet
(not for weight reasons but for hyperactivity), and it flattened out his BG
patterns, which was uncontrollable, and as a side effect he lost 1 lb in 2
months while growing an inch in height.
So my question is: between 3.5 k pumpers there would most likely be someone
that tried that diet, did they also see a change for the better in terms of

[The main idea of the diet is to eat carbs only once a day, and it has to be
within one hour only.  This boy can eat like 200 grams of carb at dinner,
and have a good BG before bedtime]

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels email @ redacted
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