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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #358-Which pump?

Dear Karen, I am on the D-Tron from Desitronic for about 3 or 4 months now. I 
have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 50 of my 54 years and would not 
go back to injections.I chose the D-Tron because it is water proof, which the 
minimed 508 is not. This gives me the flexability of going swiming withe the 
pump on and also taking a shower with it on.The minimed 508 is also effected 
by static electricity which can short out the unit and it must be shut down 
for a period of time before it can be restarted. The D-Tron also can use 
prefilled cartridges of humilog designed for the pen and it also fits the 
pump making it very convenient.My last reason is that when I was going on 
vacation and did not get the back up loaner I thought would be available 
through a mistake ( rep brought the wrong pump ) I paniced and called the 
company 2 days befor leaving, Lois Freedman and at least 2 other company 
reps. called back on a Friday afternoon, Lois had a pump in my hands on Sat. 
the day before my trip .My second choice would have been the animas, but I 
was not sure about it because it is a relatively new company, but it does 
look pretty good.The paradigm looks pretty good but others on the list say 
that only the infusion sets designed to hook up to the resivour of insulin 
can be used. Others have also said that the paridigm is destgned to use 
smaller cartridges which means more frwquent changes of sets,and cartridges.

                             GOOD LUCK      Bill       email @ redacted
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