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[IP] PROBLEMS WITH 507/minimed vs disetronic update

I had high bgs all night last night, and thought it was the new infusion
sets I was using.  Ironically, we had visited with the disetronic rep
that evening.  When I woke up, my bg was 588.  I changed infusions sets
3 times, and began taking injections of humalog, rather than from the
pump.  It turns out, my pump is broken!  It did not warn me with a "no
delivery" signal because my basal rates are low.  When I did try to
bolus with it today, the little levers did not move at all.
Minimed is sending me a replacement pump, but I am starting to think
disetronic is the way to go.  The rep is going to let me use the H-tron
just to try it out.  My husband is still looking around.  He is now
going to meet with an animas rep.
Thanks for all the input on the different pumps.  If you have any
advice, I'd love to hear it.
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