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RE: [IP] pump locations for men

Steve-  Under the heading of hopefully-better-late than-never, I've tried a 
bunch of things and have ended up wearing my pump on my calf using the "Leg 
Thing" from Unique Accessories for over a year now.  It's a spandex thing 
that is comforatble and completely out of site- I've never had a problem with 
it restricting circulation.  It sounds like this may be a little different 
than the approach you're using now and, to me, is more comfortable than the 
elastic belt things I've tried.  If you place an order, give them the 
distance around the top of your calf just below the knee and they can size it 
appropriately.  I'd suggest ordering different colors with different 
dimensions for right vs. left leg if there is even a slight difference in 
size of calfs. Regardless, these things stretch out over time, so I typically 
end up using a safety pin to take up the difference (I'm suggesting to Unique 
that they consider putting on a velcro strap for this purpose, but at least 
the safety pin works), and eventually reorder.  Hope this helps...Brad
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