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Re: [IP] Question About Eating Before Basal Testing (Nights)

For any basal testing you must not eat or bolus for at least 4 hours before 
you start the test to make sure that all the bolused insulin and food that 
you ate are not in your system anymore.  Also do not eat any high fat and 
protein meals as for some of us that can be in your system anywhere from 4 
to 6 hours (YMMV).

Yes its very frustration and until last week I am also running high again at 
nite so I will also need to test my nite time basals again except my problem 
is I don't wake up for the alarm anymore with all the nite fasting my body 
and ears will not respond to my alarms to wake me up to test and find out 
which basal is off( I have 2 basals)

hope this helps and I'll be joining you

>about to do basal tests for the night again, but I'm wondering, what do you
>eat before you start your tests say for dinner, etc, so that you know 
>much for sure that there isn't anything affecting your sugars from that 

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