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[IP] Question About Eating Before Basal Testing (Nights)

I don't know what in the world is going on, but I've been waking up with 
sugars over 250 for the past week with "no explanation," of course!  I am 
about to do basal tests for the night again, but I'm wondering, what do you 
eat before you start your tests say for dinner, etc, so that you know pretty 
much for sure that there isn't anything affecting your sugars from that meal 
say before 10:00 pm?  Also, what time do you eat and from what to what time 
do you do your testing?  
Of course I've done testing before, but this always bothered me and I've 
always wondered what everyone else does :O)  I'm thinking to start the test 
around midnight and until I wake up???  
SO FRUSTRATING... And YES, I'm screaming that!  LOL.....
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