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Re: [IP] Re: Losing weight

Cherry said......I never eat breakfast or lunch and only eat a small 
dinner......Cherry I have to ask, did your MD tell you to eat like this or is 
it something you just decided to do?  One of the biggest misconceptions about 
losing weight is that if you try to starve yourself you will lose.  Well, the 
truth is the opposite.  You would actually be much better off if you ate 
small meals throughout the day so that you do not let your body feel like it 
is starving.  Because you are starving your body it is going to instinctively 
hold onto all of the fat reserves to use them for energy as needed throughout 
the day.  But if you eat small multiple meals throughout the day you may find 
yourself starting to lose more weight than you are now.  Sort of like snack, 
but with good nutrition, throughout the day will allow your body to relax and 
let go of those much needed fat reserves because you are giving it food for 

Just a thought.  Anyone discount this or hear otherwise?

mom to Joshua
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