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Re: [IP] Gaining Weight (Or having trouble losing it)

.> I am tired all the time, I don't sleep well (even
> when the baby is a little angel) and I crave
> chocolate and sweets constantly. And with my
> full-time job and the baby, I just don't have the
> time or energy to work out. 

I'm not a mom, and I can't fathom how exhausting it
must be. The pressure to exercise is as tiring as the
exercise. Take it all slowly for now, and don't be
hard on yourself. Aerobic exercise makes me feel like
crap, so I try to take a brisk (or not brisk) walk
whenever I can. It makes you feel like you've
accomplished something and you're not totally worn out
afterwards. That combined with eating less and
avoiding snacks has helped me with my weight. Also,
yoga helps for cravings, or if not yoga, deep
Good luck,

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