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Re: [IP] Re: Losing weight

.  While it's true that
> excessive insulin will 
> cause weight gain, 

I read a study that deterined that well-controlled
diabetes often led to weight gain. My doctor even said
that gaining weight was a sign of good control. 
Anyway, the study I read showed that a great many
women had retinopathy as a result of keeping their BGs
higher to keep from gaining weight.  Scary on many
 I have also found it difficult to keep from gaining
weight. One thing I try to remember is to keep my
meals smaller. We so often eat until we're bursting at
the seams full, but that's not the most natural way to
eat.  Fresh fruits and veggies are great, and food
with less sauces and less general ingredients are the
healthiest way. I try not to eat pre-packaged food
with more than a few ingredients on the label.  Good
luck to everybody going through this. 

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