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Re: [IP] Re: Losing weight

I've recently begun losing weight successfully after really never having lost 
more than maybe 3 pounds at any time.  I'm getting married in 3 months, so 
that had something to do with my motivation, but not as much in the sense of 
looking good in my dress as that I realized that I am REALLY starting my life 
now, and I needed to get in control.  Actually that has something to  do with 
why I finally started the pump a year and a half ago too... but back to 
weight loss.

I am working with a nutritionist/counselor which is a great combo since she 
deals with healthy food choices AND why we eat in the first place. It's been 
about 6 weeks and I've lost 10 pounds and I don't forsee myself getting so 
tired of the way I'm eating now that I expect to not make my goal.  The kind 
of plan that I'm  on I prefer not to call a diet, because I hope to maintain 
this kind of food  choices for a long time.  Basically the plan revolves 
around no white flour products, high fiber (or at least rye, and other non 
white breads) starches most of the time, controlled sizes of proteins (though 
if we are in a situation like a picnic and you have to  chose between chips 
and an extra burger, she does suggest extra protein) and lots of fruits and 
vegetables.. and of course water.  The way that she has me eating, I'm rarely 
hungry anymore, I've learned to eat much slower and less and to know when I'm 
really satisfied from the food I've eaten.  There are 6  fruits that she 
suggests leave you feeling more satieted than otehrs, and those are apples, 
oranges, grapefruits, pears, peaches and nectarines.  I try to start my 
breakfast meal with a fruit and then I eat some protein and or some starch... 
the thing that has helped me alot is a cracker called Ryvita.  You can get 
them in the store and they might look like cardboard, but they are actually 
pretty good (girls tend to like them more than guys)  each one has 35 
calories, and 6.5 carbs and 1.5 g of fiber.  They really fill you up too.  I 
no longer eat anything fried and for the first time in my life I don't miss 
it.  I've learned alot about what I was putting into my body before based on 
my weight loss and my insulin needs changing.  The first week or three were  
tough because my body was changing so  quickly it was hard to keep up, I was 
often going low.  I used to eat much more fat/carbfoods and that left a lot 
of time where I had a need for insulin that I  never realized was part of my 
basal rate.  I also used to need extra insulin when I went to sleep (some 
folks on the list have mentioned this need and I forget what its called, but 
I always recognized that it was linked to when I fell asleep, not time of day 
and how much I ate that day with fat and  carbs mixed in the cooking).  My 
basal rates have gone down quite  abit so far, and as I lose more weight I 
expect them to fall again.  I guess what I've learned about weight loss is 
that each choice I make about what goes in my mouth DOES make a difference 
and I'm in total control now.  It feels really good.  I've learned also how 
to tste something I want and get satistfaction out of that taste rather than 
eating the whole thing and really not feeling any differently.  I hope that 
all made sense.  
Type 1 since 13 months 7/6/76
pumping since 3/7/00
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