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[IP] weight

I too am having trouble losing weight.  I asked my CDE about it and she told
me that 
Humalog has a tendency to make it difficult to lose weight, especially if
you are 
taking a lot of it as I am.  When I really cut back on carbs and calories
and exercise 
aggressively, my daily Humalog intake is around 70 units.  When I eat in
but don't exercise I am in the mid 80s and when I go out to eat or fill up
at home I 
am at or just over 100 units.  

My carb to insulin ratio is typically 10 to 1 and 1 unit of 
insulin will bring my blood sugars down 20 mg/Dl.  My basil 
rate consumes around 38 units / day.  I am 6'4" tall and weigh 240 lbs.
This makes 
my insulin to weight ratio  .161 units / kg  (85 units / (2.2 kg/lbs *240

>From what I have gathered in reading other posts it sounds like many others
insulin demands that are much less, but I am not sure how much body size and
weight effects 
insulin demand.  I share my info to see if:

1.  There are others who take as much insulin as I do?

2.  Do they have trouble taking weight off?

I have also recently been asked by one of the insulin manufacturers in a
survey how 
important weight loss is to me.  I believe/hope they were asking about this
they are developing a product that might make it easier to lose weight.

My immediate plan is to see if I can get my daily insulin consumption down
into the mid 
60s on the 3-4 days that I get a chance to work out, and keep it below 80 on
other days.

I would appreciate any comments or feedback.

Bill - MM508 for 1 1/2 years, Type1 for 35 years, last A1c @ 6.1 ; )
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